Dreams versus Real Images

I just spent the last hour (maybe more) looking at cameras. I started at eBay looking at cameras similar to my newly acquired old Yashica A twin lens reflex camera.

Yashica-A Film Camera Produced from 1959-1969

I always wanted one of these cameras even if I’ve left the film world behind. It does look good on the bookshelf.  I purchased a roll of 120 film and prepaid developing envelope for $20 which is almost as much as I spent on the camera. This is why I do digital while the cameras cost much more the image making costs next to nothing.

Anyway, I started looking at the Yashica’s on eBay and found myself soon searching for the more expensive Rolliflex Twin Lens cameras that the Yashica was modeled after.

The Yashica and the Rolliflex are 120 roll film so they have a bigger negative.  With the bigger negative you get more resolution. With more resolution you get better images.  You know the drill.   I was soon searching for Hasselblad cameras which were better still. I then switch to the medium format digital Hasselblad’s and soon was looking at a new Hasselblad kit with a 100mp back and a price tag very near the price of my new car.

I was after that all inclusive better resolution which would make my images oh so much better. Better camera, better pictures yada yada. I was on the slippery slope.

I finally shut down the browser and came back to reality where I re-affirmed for myself that I do have plenty of camera now and I have nowhere exceeded it’s possibility for taking good images.

If I work at it I can get the light right, get the exposure right, processed correctly, and produce an image the will stand up to scrutiny.  Case in point this image of my Tesla Watch (i can tell you were to get one if you really need one).

The Tesla
Tesla Watch Fujifilm X-T1 XF 50-140mm F2.8

This image meets all my expectations for a well processed image.  So while it may be good to once in a while dream about using a monster camera with a monster price tag, it pays to  work at using the camera you have and getting it right, right now.

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