Beware of Hitch Hiking Ghosts (Shooting a Night Time Parade)

Saw the night time “Boo to You” parade at the Magic Kingdom during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Because it was night and dark I was thinking about not taking my camera.


Normally i set my camera for auto ISO with a max of 3200 which is good for most all round shooting I do. But when you are trying to shoot at night 3200 might be a little to low to get the shots you want, so I thought about leaving the camera behind. I was so fixated on the 3200 ISO that it wasn’t occurring to me that I could  go higher. I am using the new Fujifilm X-T2 which, it turns out, does a pretty good job at 6400 ISO.


I even got Captain Jack staring at me. Yes, the images had noise, and most times noise is to be avoided, but shooting for perfection does limit you. Besides shooting is supposed to be fun, isn’t it? So I cranked the ISO to 6400 and found a place on the parade route that had some street lighting and fired off some shots.

Hitchhiking Ghost

There are no secrets to shooing images, there are no rules, just go out and get the shot. If it doesn’t work out (you think I only shot 3 images?) determine why the images failed and use that to make your next shots better. Images processed in Lightroom with a copious amount of noise reduction when needed. Oh and remember, “Beware of Hitch Hiking Ghosts”


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